Beebom App Redesign

UI/UX Design | Passion Project


It was a passion project for me. Initially this was a simple app which was easy to use and had a quite simple UI. My objective was to make the UI a bit more modern and good looking.


1. Placement of Navigation

Beebom nav

Initially it was at the top. I moved it to the bottom for ease of use and also made the icons a bit more modern.

2. Addition of Share Option

Beebom share

Before, there was no option to share a post without opening it. In the redesign, I added it on the card itself. This might increase the number of shares and hence result in more usage time and app downloads.

3. Redesigned Video Cards

Beebom video

It was a bit confusing in the videos page. So I made a new design which made it easy to distinguish different videos.

4. New Icons

Beebom icons

Made all new icons from scratch. Made them a bit more unique and clean. Also selected a new accent color, a nice shade of blue.





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