My Path to Web Designing (and Travis Neilson's role in it)

Written in 2018

Hey there. I’m 18 and study at a college to get a degree in Computer Science. I have been thinking of making a portfolio website for some months now, where I could showcase the stuff that I love to do and think I’m pretty good at.

I like web designing, editing, photography and other similar stuff which are about nothing but creativity. Speaking about web designing, I learned the basics of HTML in my early years of schooling. But I began taking it seriously when I was told to participate in a school level web designing competition in my 12th grade. Although I was studying Computer Science, they never taught me CSS. So as any other student would do, I did research about it on the Internet. Youtube was always my friend who taught me everything and during the research, it recommended me videos on web designing from the channel DevTips. Then I met Travis Neilson there.

Travis in DevTips
Travis in a DevTips video

For those of you who don’t know Travis, he started the Youtube channel DevTips and he currently works at Google where he design search. He also teaches stuff he knows by making videos, podcasting etc.

I know there are many channels like DevTips on Youtube. But I found something different with DevTips and Travis. He made awesome designs and taught how to make them. But most importantly, he talks about more than just the code he writes. This made me stick around DevTips.

At that time, I had no stable internet connection. My friend downloaded videos from DevTips for me.

DevTips folder
My old DevTips folder

I learned more about web designing and CSS by watching those videos. I also agreed with Travis on many things. In one of those videos he said that “Code is a design tool for me”.

Travis saying
Travis saying “code is a design tool” in a video called ‘”If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code”

I also see code like that. I like to design stuff. When I use CSS and HTML, I create cool designs. I find myself in a position where I think that there is nothing else in the world that is more satisfying than this.

I’m still an amateur at web designing. But the cool part is that now I can say “I’m an amateur” because of that competition and more importantly because of Travis Neilson.

I also have been learning about UX design lately and guess what, Travis partnered with Adobe to make some great videos about UX design. If you are wondering what UX design is, those videos are for you.

I guess that’s it for now. Stick around to see my future projects. See you guys.

P.S: DevTips is never the same without you, Travis.

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